AIAAIC is an independent, non-partisan initiative founded on the belief that AI, algorithms and automation, and the organisations and individuals involved in their design, development and deployment, must be transparent and honest about their aims and how they go about pursuing them.

Our mission

AIAAIC believes that everyone should know when they are using or being assessed, nudged, instructed or coerced by an AI, algorithmic, or automation system, understand what the system is trying to achieve and how it works, appreciate its impact, and be in a position to make informed decisions based on clear, concise, accurate, accessible, and timely information.

AIAAIC's mission is to make AI, algorithms and automation transparent and open.

We do this by examining the nature and opacity of AI, algorithmic and automation systems and their governance, and by making the case for real AI, algorithmic and automation transparency and openness.

Manifesto for real AI transparency and openness

Read AIAAIC's manifesto to understand why genuine AI and algorithmic transparency is needed, and what it should look like.

Our team
AIAAIC was founded by Charlie Pownall. Long interested in technology and its impact on business and society, Charlie is an active proponent of strong digital rights and transparent and trustworthy technologies. An RSA Fellow and author of Managing Online Reputation, Charlie is a former EU official and journalist.

How AIAAIC is funded

AIAAIC is privately funded.