Amazon Buy Box/Featured Merchant algorithm rigging

October 2021

An investigation by The Markup indicates that Amazon has been regularly placing its own brand products above those of competitor products.

Based on data provided by 3,400 product searchers in January 2021, the report finds that Amazon brands and exclusives, whilst only accounting for a small proportion of products on the company's platform, receive an 'outsized portion of the top spot on search results.'

The Markup also conducted a survey showing that most US consumers are unable to identify Solimo, Pinzon, and other top-selling house brands, many of which are not clearly labelled as owned by Amazon.

Over 150 Amazon house brands and 137,000 unique house brand and exclusive products were identified during the investigation.

Operator: Amazon
Developer: Amazon
Sector: Technology
Rank content/search results
Technology: Buy Box/Featured Merchant algorithm
Confidentiality; Ethics
Opacity: Access; Product labelling