Amazon Ring video doorbell neighbour privacy invasion

Occurred: October 2021

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A judge in the UK has ruled that Amazon-manufactured CCTV cameras and a Ring doorbell installed by Jon Woodard, a houseowner in Oxfordshire, 'unjustifiably invaded' the privacy and contributed to the harassment of his neighbour Dr Mary Fairhurst.

Dr Fairhurst had claimed that the devices installed on Mr Woodard's house and garden shed captured images of her house, garden and parking space, and recorded personal conversations.

Amazon customers were unable to switch off the audio recording facility on Ring doorbells until 2020.

The company requested that customers 'respect their neighbours' privacy, and comply with any applicable laws when using their Ring device.'

Operator: Amazon
Developer: Amazon
Sector: Technology
Strengthen security
Technology: CCTV; Computer vision
Privacy; Surveillance
Transparency: Privacy