China taxation department ID system hack

March 2021
Updated: October 2021

According to a Xinhua report, two men in China have been accused of tricking the country's State Taxation Administration's identity verification system to create fake invoices.

The pair manipulated high-definition photographs with an app available on the black market that turns photos into videos and then used a smartphone to bypass its camera during facial authentication, instead feeding their doctored videos into the system.

The men set up a shell company that issued fake tax invoices that defrauded the taxation department by 500 million yuan (approximately USD 76.2 million).

The fraudsters started their operation in 2018, and have since been captured and prosecuted in Shanghai.

Operator: State Taxation Administration
Developer: State Taxation Administration
Sector: Govt - finance
Verify identity
Technology: Facial recognition; Deepfake - image; Deepfake - video