Cruise driverless car pulls away from police

April 2022

A video showing a Cruise driverless car pulling away after being stopped by police in San Francisco has prompted questions about how public authorities handle autonomous vehicles.

The car was initially pulled over by a police officer for not having its lights on, and the officer tried to open its door having discovered it had no driver.

Upon which the car, which is allowed to drive at night in the city, starts moving away before turning on its hazard lights and pulling in to a safer spot down the road.

Legal authorities such as The Law Commission of England and Wales recommend car manufacturers rather than users should be responsible if autonomous vehicles crash or go wrong.

Operator: GM Cruise
GM Cruise
Sector: Automotive
Automate steering, acceleration, braking
Technology: Self-driving system
Safety; Accuracy/reliability; Liability
Opacity: Governance; Black box