September 2021

DeepFaceLive, a new open source tool created by Russian developer Ivan Petrov, allows users to change their appearance in real-time on Skype, Zoom, Twitch and other video messaging systems.

The tool, which draws on well-known celebrity face deepfake datasets, can easily be used to commit fraud, mis and disinformation, and other forms of misuse and abuse.

DeepFaceLive is the creation of Ivan Iperov, a secretive Russian developer who had earlier shared footage of the tool’s interface to a deepfake forum.

Iperov is also credited with helping develop DeepFaceLab, the most widely used open-source tool for creating deepfakes.

Operator: DeepFaceLive
Ivan Petrov
Country: Russia
Transform identity
Technology: Deepfake - video
Privacy; Ethics; Dual/multi-use; Mis/disinformation
Transparency/opacity: Identity; Governance