Deepsukebe nonconsensual nudification

August 2021
Updated: January 2022

UK member of parliament Maria Miller and others are calling for a ban on Deepsukebe, an app that creates nonconsensual pornography by removing non-nude clothing using deepfake technology.

Launched in 2020, Deepsukebe has reputedly garnered millions of visits and has hundreds of thousands of images uploaded to it. A number of celebrities, including an Olympic athlete, are among those who appear to have been nudified.

The Sunday Times reported that Mastercard and Visa were listed as approved payment suppliers on Deepsukebe's website. Shortly afterwards, the site turned to cryptocurrencies.

In December 2021, WIRED reported that the site has launched a partner programme that appears designed to avoid the service being taken offline.

On its website, Deepsukebe says its mission is 'to ‘make all men’s dreams come true'.

It is unclear who is behind the initiative.

Operator: Anonymous/pseudonymous
Developer: Unclear/unknown
UK; Global
Purpose: Undress women
Deepfake - image
Privacy; Ethics
Opacity: Consent; Identity