GoGuardian student monitoring

October 2021

The Baltimore Sun reports that Baltimore City Scools are monitoring the laptops of local school students for indications of self-harm and suicide. Should an alert be sent, local rather than school police are sometimes being sent to respond.

Baltimore, like many other school systems, loaned out laptops to students during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of which are loaded with GoGuardian's Beacon suicide prevention software. Yet reports suggest the software is also being used for disciplinary purposes and can result in LGBTQ students being unintentionally outed, or student expression hampered.

In addition, it appears less wealthy students may be tracked more regularly since school-owned laptops may be their only devices. Other reports state school police monitor GoGuardian software after school hours, including on weekends and holidays, raising concerns about students enduring more or less constant surveillance.

Operator: Baltimore City Public Schools, Pekin Community High School
Liminex Inc/GoGuardian
Country: USA
Purpose: Improve school safety; Improve student performance
Technology: GoGuardian Beacon
Issue: Privacy; Surveillance; Bias/discrimination - economic; Dual/multi-use
Opacity: Black box