Henan foreign journalist, student surveillance

November 2021

Video surveillance analysis company IPVM reports that the government of Hunan province in China is setting up a system to detect and track 'people of concern' including foreign journalists, students and migrant women.

The system is to use facial recognition technology supplied by local company Neusoft, and will be connected to over 3,000 CCTV cameras across the province and to a number of national and regional databases.

According to the Hunan government's 200-page tender document, the surveillance system will use a traffic light system to categorise targets by those considered to be of 'key concern', 'general concern', and 'not harmful'.

It is unclear whether the system is already operational.

Operator: Henan Public Security Department
Developer: Neusoft; Huawei
Country: China
Govt - police; Govt - security
Purpose: Identify & track foreign journalists, students,'suspicious people'
Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Surveillance; Privacy
Transparency: Privacy