India citizenship law protest surveillance

February 2020

Police in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have been using facial recognition technologies to identify and detain protestors marching against India's controversial new citizenship law. The law is said to marginalise Muslims.

Indian activists are concerned about the privacy implications of facial recognition, and its potential use for suveillance and other purposes.

Rajan Bhagat, a deputy commissioner of police at Delhi’s Crime Records Office claimed to Reuters that he is 'only catching targeted people' and that his force 'doesn’t have any protesters’ data, nor do we plan to store it.'

Uttar Pradesh police have also been criticised for using drones to surveil citizenship law protests.

Operator: Delhi Police; Uttar Pradesh Police
Developer: Innefu Labs, Staqu
Govt - police
Identify criminals, protestors
Technology: Facial recognition
Privacy; Surveillance; Dual/multi-use
Opacity: Existence; Purpose; Consent