Life360 location data sharing

December 2021

An investigation by The Markup finds family safety app Life360 is actively collecting and selling the data of its users to at least a dozen data brokers.

Used by approximately 33 million people worldwide, Life360 enables friends and family members to share their exact location. X-Mode, Cuebiq, Allstate's Arity, Safegraph and other data brokers package and sell Life360 data 'to virtually anyone who wants to buy it'.

Life360 reputedly made USD 16 million in 2020 selling user data. The company recently announced its has acquired Tile, which makes a number of popular tracking devices.

Operator: Life360; X-Mode; Cuebiq; Allstate/Arity; Safegraph
Developer: Life360
Country: Global
Sector: Business/professional services
Purpose: Track childrens' movements
Technology: Location tracking
Issue: Privacy; Security
User communication; Consent