NarxCare drug addition risk assessment

September 2021

WIRED reports that NarxCare, a software system that uses patient data, drug use data, and metadata to determine the risk of drug addiction is denying users opioids on the basis it thinks they are at risk of addiction.

Patients complain that the system, developed by Appriss, can be inaccurate and unfair. It is believed to reinforce existing racial and gender biases.

Appriss has failed to disclose how the NarxCare system works, and does not provide access to its data, model or code. The company has also made a number of contradictory claims about the algorithm's data sources and other inputs.

Developer: Appriss
Sector: Healthcare/pharma
Assess and predict drug abuse
Technology: NarxCare algorithm
Fairness, accuracy/reliability, misleading marketing
Transparency/opacity: Data, code, model access