Microsoft/NYPD Domain Awareness System

June 2020

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's decision to join IBM and Amazon in temporarily barring police from using its facial recognition technologies, a group of digital and privacy activists has published (pdf) a letter requesting that Microsoft stop working with the NYPD on its Domain Awareness System (DAS).

DAS 'utilizes the largest networks of cameras, license plate readers, and radiological sensors in the world' according to the NYPD. The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project says the system contributes to the 'warrantless spying' of citizens and 'may be even more biased, invasive, and destructive than facial recognition'.

NYPD and Microsoft's DAS partnership was announced in 2012 as an anti-terrorism measure.

Operator: New York Police Department
Developer: Microsoft
Country: USA
Sector: Govt - police
Purpose: Strengthen public safety, security
Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Surveillance; Privacy; Dual/multi-use
Opacity: Governance; Consent