Pony.ai driverless test crash

December 2021

Reuters reports that the US DMV has suspended the driverless test permit of Pony.ai in the wake of a crash one of its vehicles had late October 2021 in Fremont, California.

According to the incident report, a fully autonomous Pony.ai car with no accompanying test driver hit a road center divider and a traffic sign, and there were no injuries and other vehicles involved. The company had only recently secured its driverless testing permit in California.

Founded by former Baidu employees, Pony.ai is backed by Toyota.

Operator: Pony.ai

Developer: Pony.ai; Luminar
Country: USA

Sector: Automotive
Automate steering, acceleration, braking

Technology: Automated driving system (ADS)

Issue: Safety; Accuracy/reliability
Opacity: Black box