South Korea immigration facial recognition sharing

October 2021

Documents released by South Korea's government reveal the country's Ministry of Justice has been sharing the facial images and personal details of approximately 170 million travellers using Seoul's Incheon International Airport with local commercial companies, without obtaining the consent of travellers.

The data is being shared to help develop a government system for screening and identifying travellers. South Korea's Personal Information Protection Act determines that the sharing of sensitive personal data with third parties requires the specific and separate consent of the data subject.

Local civil liberty activists have threatened to take the government to court on the issue.

Operator: Ministry of Justice (MOJ) ; Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT); Incheon International Airport
Developer: CUbox
South Korea
Govt - immigration
Identify travellers; Predict security breaches
Technology: Facial recognition
Privacy; Dual/multi-use
Opacity: Privacy