Sao Paulo Metro advertising facial biometrics

May 2018
Updated: December 2021

Via Quatro, the concession holder of São Paulo Metro’s Yellow Line, has installed new platform doors that display ads and information and use sensors with screens and facial and emotion recognition to monitor the reaction of viewers.

The lack of information provided about the system, and lack of user consent, prompted the Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (Idec) to file a legal challenge against Via Quatro. The move also resulted in accusations of pseudoscience.

In May 2021, the Court of Justice of São Paulo ordered Via Quatro to terminate its 'abusive' use of facial recognition technology and data collection.

Operator: ViaQuatro
Developer: AdMobilize
Country: Brazil
Sector: Govt - transport
Purpose: Identify consumer identity
Technology: Facial recognition; Emotion recognition
Issue: Privacy; Accuracy/reliability; Pseudoscience
Opacity: Consent