Tesla Model X crashes into wall, killing passenger

Occurred: December 2020

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A Tesla electric car spun out of control in the parking lot of a Seoul, South Korea, parking lot, and crashed into a wall and caught fire, killing the passenger and injuring two others. The fire took over an hour to extinguish.

The police are investigating the incident. The car chauffer claimed 'the car suddenly went out of control', leading the police to suggest that sudden unintended acceleration may have been the cause of the accident.

The Korea Herald reported that local experts figure the battery-operated doors may have been a factor in the outcome of the latest Tesla accident, as the doors remained shut as rescuers tried to force them open from outside.

Operator: Tesla
Developer: Tesla

Country: S Korea

Sector: Automotive

Purpose: Automate steering, acceleration, braking

Technology: Driver assistance system
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Safety

Transparency: Black box