Twitter right-wing political content amplification

October 2021

A new study by Twitter has discovered that its algorithms disproportionately boost right-wing news and commentary content.

Covering politicians’ tweets and political content from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK and US from April 1 to August 2020, Twitter found that right-wing content was more amplified algorithmically relative to a reverse-chronological timeline in every country, other than Germany.

Twitter director of software engineering Rumman Chowdury and machine learning researcher Luca Belli admit it is unclear why its algorithms behave this way.

'Further root cause analysis', they say, 'is required in order to determine what, if any, changes are required to reduce adverse impacts by [Twitter's] Home timeline algorithm'.

Operator: Twitter
Developer: Twitter
Canada; France; Germany; Japan; Spain; UK; USA
Recommend content
Technology: Recommendation algorithm
Bias/discrimination - politics