Xpeng P7 crashes into truck

September 2021

A driver of an Xpeng P7 is reported to have collided with a truck whilst using the car's NGP automatic navigation assisted driving system. The accident resulted in minor injuries to the driver, who was hospitalised.

Whilst the cause of the collision remains unclear, the system appears not to have recognised the truck, which was a flatbed vehicle with an extended tail. It was not carrying cargo.

Xpeng says it will investigate the crash, and that its initial analysis showed the car’s assistant driving features were 'functioning normally' before the collision.

Xpeng reputedly failed to contact the owner after the accident, and then directed him to contact the police. The company said it would improve its 'seemingly inhumane' customer service.

Operator: Xpeng
Purpose: Automate steering, acceleration, braking
Technology: Xpeng NGP
Safety; Accuracy/reliability
Opacity: Governance; Complaints/appeals