About the AIAAIC Repository

The AIAAIC Repository (standing for 'AI, Algorithmic, and Automation Incidents and Controversies') is an open resource that details incidents and controversies driven by and relating to artificial intelligence, algorithms, and automation.

By collecting, dissecting, and surfacing incidents and issues from a responsible, ethical 'outside-in' perspective in an objective and balanced manner, the Repository enables users to identify, examine, and understand the nature, risks, and impacts of AI, algorithms, and automation.

The AIAAIC Repository is available as a Google Sheet and is being added to this website.


The AIAAIC Repository is intended to help fulfil AIAAIC’s mission by systematically collecting, classifying, and surfacing AI and AI-related incidents and issues to key audiences, notably researchers, teachers, policymakers, and citizens/consumers

Some other open/public databases and registers take a narrow, technical view of technology systems (eg. aviation accidents, cybersecurity). However, it is clear that many non-technical factors play important roles in driving AI, algorithmic, and automation incidents and controversies.

These include issues such as: Job displacements/losses; Employment offshoring; Environmental damage; Misleading/hyped marketing;  Anthromophorism; and Unethical data use

These issues may become public concerns through triggers including: User and/or general public complaints; Research studies; Advocacy research reports/campaigns; Media investigations; Legal threats and complaints; and Whistleblower reports.

AIAAIC Repository uses

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The repository helps answer the following kinds of questions:

How the AIAAIC Repository is run

Who manages the AIAAIC Repository, and how entries are assessed and processed. More

Classifications and definitions

The taxonomy and definitions used to classify AIAAIC Repository entries. More


How to use the AIAAIC Repository on this website and in Google Sheets. More

Terms of use

The AIAAIC Repository is available to use, copy, adapt, and redistribute under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. More

Further information

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