About the AIAAIC Repository

An independent, open, public interest resource, the AIAAIC Repository details incidents and controversies driven by and relating to artificial intelligence, algorithms, and automation.

The AIAAIC Repository was started in June 2019 as a private, professional project to better understand the reputational and other risks of artificial intelligence.

The most comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date resource of its kind, the repository is now used by researchers, academics, advocates, policymakers and industry experts across the world looking to better understand the nature and impacts of AI, algorithms, and automation.

The AIAAIC Repository is available as a Google Sheet and is being added to this website.

AIAAIC Repository uses

The AIAAIC Repository can be used to:

  • Conduct qualitative or quantitative research

  • Inform and support analysis and commentary

  • Inform policy

  • Develop case studies

  • Devise training and education programmes

  • Develop frameworks, methodologies, applications, and other products, services, and tools.

The repository helps answer the following kinds of questions:

  • What are the top risks of AI, algorithms and automation?

  • Which sectors and countries are most exposed to AI incidents and controversies?

  • Which AI, algorithmic and automation technologies are most likely to result in incidents or controversies?

  • What forms do AI, algorithmic and automation incidents take?

  • What are the principal triggers that turn an AI or algorithmically-driven or related problem or issue into a public incident or controversy?

  • Which kinds of incidents and controversies result from inadequate, poor, inaccurate or misleading AI transparency and openness?

Here are some research studies citing and mentioning the AIAAIC Repository.

Further information

Contact us for further information about the AIAAIC Repository.

Equally, if you are already using it, we'd love to hear how and to what effect. Drop us a line and let us know.