Deepsukebe non-consensual porn nudifier

Deepsukebe is an app that creates nonconsensual pornography by undressing people using 'hyper-realistic' deepfake technology. Launched in 2020, the app's mission is to ‘make all men’s dreams come true'.

Users can 'nudify' one picture for free every two hours, pay a fee in cryptocurrency for a specified number of additional photos, or earn up to 100 freebies without restrictions through a referral reward that incentivises people to promote the website online.

Country: UK
Sector: Technology
Purpose: Nudify women
Technology: Deepfake - image; Generative adversarial network (GAN); Neural network; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue: Ethics/values; Objectification/dehumanisation; Privacy; Safety
Transparency: Governance; Black box; Complaints/appeals; Marketing; Privacy

Risks and harms 🛑

Deepsukebe has caused controversy for privacy abuse, female objectification, poor transpareand other issues.

Privacy abuse

Deepsukebe has also been castigated by digital rights organisations, privacy advocates, and politicians as 'sick', 'unethical', and 'damaging' to those being 'undressed'. An Olympic athlete is said to be amongst those who users claim to have nudified, according to the BBC.

In August 2021, UK member of parliament Maria Miller and others called for Deepsukebe and similar tools to be banned, arguing that that it should be an offence to distribute sexual images online without consent to reflect 'the severity of the impact on people's lives'. 

Female objectification

Deepsukebe is seen to objectify women, in particular Asian women. 

According to the Huffington Post, 'Now-deleted Medium posts demonstrating how to use the site featured before-and-after pictures of Asian women exclusively.'

Supplier complicity

Deepsukebe was initially hosted on Finnish host provider Ab Stract, and registered with UK-based domain registrar TLD Registrar Solutions, with Mastercard and Visa listed as approved payment suppliers on Deepsukebe's website. 

Under pressure, the service switched to offer cryptocurrency payments through Coinbase, despite the crypto exchange’s terms explicitly prohibiting illegal, obscene, and abusive usage. Coinbase apparently later cut Deepsukebe off.

In December 2021, WIRED reported that Deepsukebe had launched a decentralised partner programme that makes its algorithm available to third partiess via an API, and a referral programe that rewards users for sharing nude images created using the app. 

The former programme is apparently designed to avoid the service being taken offline. 

Transparency 🙈

It is unclear who is behind Deepsukebe, how its system works, and what impacts - direct and indirect - it has on those whose images are uploaded to and manipulated on its platform, and shared elsewhere.

Legal, regulatory 👩🏼‍⚖️

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