iFlyTek 'fakes' automated speech translations

Occurred: September 2018

Chinese voice recognition company iFlytek was accused by a translator of hiring humans to fake its simultaneous interpretation tools, which the company said are powered by artificial intelligence. 

Interpreter Bell Wang posted an open letter claiming he was one of a team of simultaneous interpreters who had helped translate the 2018 International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development. The forum said it was using iFlytek’s automated speech recognition-based interpretation service.

iFlytek CEO Hu Yu responded by saying that the tool used in the conference was a not a translation tool, but a transcription tool. Other interpreters also, claimed that they had been offered work interpreting on iFlytek’s behalf. 

Operator: International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development; iFlyTek
Developer: iFlyTek
Country: China
Sector: Business/professional services
Purpose: Language translation
Technology: Speech recognition
Issue: Accuracy/reliability
Transparency: Governance; Marketing