Court finds gaming cheats company AimJunkies guilty of copyright infringement 

Occurred: May 2024

A court found a games cheats website guilty of copyright infringement of the popular game Destiny 2.

AimJunkies is a cheat and mod distribution website, where users can buy and download cheating software for different games, including for the game Destiny 2. 

Bungie, the owner of Destiny 2, alleged that Phoenix Digital, the operator of AimJunkies, reverse-engineered the game and copied code to create cheats, thereby infringing on Bungie’s intellectual property rights. 

Bungie’s legal team argued that Phoenix Digital’s actions violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provisions, which prohibit circumventing copyright protection technology

The court found Phoenix Digital guilty of copyright infringement and ordered them to pay USD 63,210 in damages to Bungie.

The ruling was seen to set a valuable precedent as it is possibly the first time a jury has found a cheat creator liable for infringing a game company’s copyright.

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Operator: Phoenix Digital

Developer: Phoenix Digital

Country: USA

Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts

Purpose: Create cheats for PC games


Issue: Copyright


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Type: Incident
Published: May 2024