Tinder pricing algorithm disciminates against older, gay users

Occurred: August 2020

Tinder charged users over 30 and gay and lesbian aged 18-29 more than others in multiple countries, generating accusations of systemic age and sexual discrimination. 

A February 2022 study by Consumer Reports found users aged 30+ were being charged over 65 percent more than others in New Zealand, Brazil, India, the Netherlands, South Korea and the US. The findings were supported by research by Which?, which discovered that the dating app has been increasing prices for gay and lesbian users aged 18-29 in the UK.

An August 2020 study by CHOICE had found users in Australia were being charged up to five times as much as others, with older people charged more.

Tinder uses personalised algorithmic pricing for every user, based on an estimation of what they are willing and able to pay. However it refuses to reveal how its pricing system works. 

Facing public petitions and multiple legal threats, Tinder says it stopped the practice of charging users different prices based on how old they are in the US and Australia. 

Tinder’s parent company Match Group revealed in an earnings call that it would stop the practice in remaining markets.

Operator: Match Group/Tinder
Developer: Match Group/Tinder

Country: New Zealand; Brazil; India; Netherlands; South Korea; USA

Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts

Purpose: Determine pricing

Technology: Pricing algorithm

Issue: Fairness; Bias/discrimination - age, LGBTQ
Transparency: Governance; Black box

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Type: Incident
Published: February 2022