São Paulo METRO SecureOS facial recognition

Released: July 2021

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São Paulo court judge Cynthia Thome has ordered the company responsible for running Sao Paulo's metro system to suspend use of its facial recognition system as part of its broader implementation of the SecurOS electronic surveillance system, ZDNet  reports.

Brasilian consumer rights body Idec, civil rights group Intervozes and other rights organisations had lodged the lawsuit against Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo (METRO) alleging abuse of privacy on the basis that it had failed to inform subway users about the purpose and scope of its facial biometrics system and data storage and sharing practices, and had not obtained users' consent.

In addition to suspending its SecurOS system, METRO was ordered to stop the roll-out of new equipment for data capture and biometrics processing for facial recognition, and was set a daily fine should it fail to comply.

Information about METRO's facial biometrics system had been released during a May 2021 lawsuit in which METRO operator Via Quatro had been ordered to terminate its 'abusive' use of facial recognition technology installed in platform doors.

Operator: Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo (METRO)
Developer: Intelligent Security Systems (ISS)
Country: Brazil
Sector: Govt - transport
Purpose: Strengthen security; Increase safety
Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Privacy; Surveillance; Accuracy/reliability; Bias/discrimination - race, ethnicity, LGBTQ
Transparency: Governance; Privacy; Black box; Marketing; Legal

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Published: March 2022