Adobe terms of use update sparks privacy, copyright controversy

Occurred: June 2024

An update to Adobe's terms of service generated significant controversy amongst its users, primarily due to concerns about privacy and copyright.

The update, which required users to accept to continue using Adobe's software, included provisions allowing Adobe to access and use their content for various purposes, including improving its services and products through automated and manual methods.

Users argued that the terms are too broad and vague, and feared that this could allow Adobe access to sensitive projects, potentially violating confidentiality agreements and user privacy, while allowing Adobe to use their work to train its AI models, notably Adobe Firefly

Adobe later clarified that it does not train its AI on customer content and only uses licensed or public domain content for this purpose.

The fracas reflected concerns about the use of customer content and data to train Adobe's AI models. It also highlighted widespread distrust in technology companies in general.

Operator: Adobe
Developer: Adobe
Country: Global
Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts
Purpose: Generate images
Technology: Text-to-image
Issue: Confidentiality; Copyright; Privacy
Transparency: Governance