Bulli Bai Muslim women auction

Occurred: January 2022

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Open source software development platform Github has come under fire for hosting Bulli Bai, a highly controversial anti-Muslim app. 

Bulli Bai uses the names and personal images of Muslim women in India without their consent in order to stage fake auctions and quickly drew intense criticism from politicians, rights advocates and others. 

Github also hosted Sulli Deals, a near identical app that had run for weeks mid-2021 before being taken down. Github is now under pressure to explain how Bulli Bai, which re-uses much of the same code, was also allowed to operate on its platform.

Owned since 2018 by Microsoft, Github is no stranger to controversy. Amongst other things, the platform hosts libraries of code enabling people to create deepfakes, including for malicious and nefarious purposes.

A number of individuals have been arrested in connection with Bulli Bai and Sulli Deals.

Operator: Anonymous/pseudonymous; Microsoft/Github
Developer: Unclear/unknown
Country: India
Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts
Purpose: Moderate content
Technology: Content moderation system
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Ethics; Safety; Bias/discrimination - religion
Transparency: Governance; Privacy

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Type: Incident
Published: January 2022
Last updated: February 2022