Video game voice actors attacked using their own AI voices 

Occurred: February 2023

Voice actors working in the video gaming industry were attacked using AI-generated versions of their own voices, and doxxed by having their home addresses read out using their synthesised voice and then posted online.

According to a report by Vice, some of the audio clips may have been generated using ElevenLabs' Prime Voice AI (since renamed 'ElevenLabs Text-to-Speech') text-to-voice generator. However, this claim was rejected by ElevenLabs on the basis that every request using its system is tracked.

A few weeks earlier, 4chan members were discovered to be using ElevenLabs' voice generator to make celebrity voices read highly offensive messages. 

In a similar vein, GamesRadar reported in July 2023 that deepfake versions of video game voice actors including April Stewart and Ryan Laughton were being used to create non-consensual pornography for mods for games. Many video game companies and mod communities such as Nexus Mods have decided to allow AI-generated mod content.

Developer: ElevenLabs
Country: USA
Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts
Purpose: Attack voice actors
Technology: Text-to-speech; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue: Safety
Transparency: Marketing

Page info
Type: Incident
Published: October 2023