BBC castigated for using generative AI to promote Dr Who 

Occurred: March 2024

The BBC said it will not be using AI to promote its Dr. Who sc-ifi show after receiving a flood of complaints about its use of generative AI in two promotional emails.

According to the BBC, the AI used in the emails was 'part of a small trial' to use the technology. BBC Head of Media Inventory Davis Housden had earlier said that 'generative AI offers a great opportunity to speed up making the extra assets to get more experiments live for more content that we are trying to promote.' 

However, the trial resulted in a backlash from fans, who expressed strong disapproval about the impact of AI on the jobs of media industry professionals. Many writers, marketing and PR porfessionals have expressed concern that their jobs are under threat due to AI. 

The BBC later said it had terminated the experiment and would not use AI again for Doctor Who promotions

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Operator: BBC
Country: UK
Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts
Purpose: Promote TV programme
Technology: Chatbot
Issue: Employment