China bans people with social credit offences from travelling

Occurred: March 2019

The Chinese government banned millions of people from travelling in 2018 for 'social credit' misdeeds, including unpaid taxes and fines.

China's National Public Credit Information Center annual report said would-be air travelers were blocked from buying tickets 17.5 million times; others were barred 5.5 million times from buying train tickets.

Beijing had announced in March 2018 it would introduce the travel ban two months later. Per Reuters, people would be put on the restricted lists if they had committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism, causing trouble on flights, using expired tickets or smoking on trains.

The Social Credit System is based on the principle of 'once untrustworthy, always restricted'.

Operator: Government of China
Developer: Government of China

Country: China

Sector: Govt - police; Govt - security

Purpose: Assess creditworthiness, trustworthiness

Technology: Deep learning; Neural network; Machine learning
Issue: Ethics; Fairness

Transparency: Governance