Moodbeam HR emotion tracking

Occurred: March 2021

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The BBC reports that UK-based AI start-up Moodbeam is hawking wearable silicon wristbands that its says enable organisations to assess and compare the emotional state of individuals and teams.

Workers are encouraged to push yellow and blue buttons that indicate they are happy or sad; the data is then reported to workers' managers via a dashboard that includes a 'Daily Happiness Score'.

Some commentators are less enthusiastic, reckoning it is unnecessary, invasive, and likely to be inaccurate given how easily bored or frustrated workers can game it.

On its website, Moodbeam states purported benefits for employers include 'Increased productivity', 'Improved petention', and 'Reduced absenteeism'.  

Operator: Moodbeam
Developer: Moodbeam
Country: UK
Sector: Health
Purpose: Monitor emotions
Issue: Appropriateness/need; Privacy; Surveillance

Page info
Type: Incident
Published: March 2021