Deepfake 'Amazon FC Ambassadors' sow confusion

Occurred: March 2021

Twitter accounts with deepfake profile images purporting to be Amazon employees were used to defend the company's working practices ahead of a vote on the formation of the first labour union at a US Amazon warehouse. 

The accounts pocked fun at Amazon and sowed confusion amongst members of the general public, who were unclear who was the behind the accounts and what their purpose was. Some pointed out that the 'robotic' language language used was evidence that employees were being 'paid to lie'. 

In August 2018, Amazon had created an 'Amazon FC Ambassadors' programme for a select group of Fulfilment Centre warehouse employees to promote working conditions at the company. 

The programme backfired, leading to the creation of multiple parody accounts, and was later scaled back or terminated.

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Country: USA

Sector: Transport/logistics

Purpose: Satirise/parody

Technology: Deepfake - image; Generative adversarial network (GAN); Neural network; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue: Ethics; Mis/disinformation

Transparency: Governance; Marketing

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Type: Incident
Published: September 2023
Last updated: November 2023