Walmart sells fake Chanel AI artwork at stores

Occurred: April 2024

Walmart was accused of selling AI-generated artwork in its stores, including a painting of a fake Chanel perfume bottle

The painting was posted by a Reddit user and found at a Walmart location selling for USD 22.15. The artwork featured a perfume bottle with the word ‘CHANE’ stamped in the middle, with the letter ‘H’ appearing to be doubled. Smaller gibberish letters could be seen underneath. The same piece of art was also on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for USD 51.49.  

The misspellings were regarded as indicative of AI-generated art. The painting sparked discussions about the use of AI in generating art and its impact on creative jobs. 

System 🤖

Operator: DESIGNART ELEGANT FL; Bed Bath & Beyond; Walmart
Country: USA
Sector: Retail
Purpose: Generate images and text
Technology: Text-to-image
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Employment
Transparency: Governance