Huawei P70 Ultra AI editing tool removes people's clothing

Occurred: April 2024

An AI-based object removal feature on Huawei's Pura 70 Ultra mobile phone drew criticism for seemingly stripping people of their clothing.

This feature, known as the “AI Photo Retouch” feature, inadvertently erased parts of people’s clothing in photos. The result was an illusion of bare skin, created by the AI using the skin color of the person being photographed.

Several posts on the social media platform Weibo have highlighted this issue, showing examples where the object removal feature accidentally removes clothing, revealing what appears to be the parts of their bodies covered by the clothing.

Huawei acknowledged the issue and said it would be fixed. However, concerns were raised that the feature could be used to create inappropriate images until the changes were implemented.

This incident raised privacy concerns about Huawei's technology, and more general ethical questions about the misuse of AI technology

Developer: Huawei
Country: China
Sector: Consumer goods
Purpose: Remove objects
Technology: Object recognition
Issue: Safety