Uber Real-Time ID Check

Uber's 'Real-Time ID Check' system enables the ridehail company to check that a driver’s face matches what the company has on file in order to minimise fraud, increase security, and manage its workforce.

Developed by Microsoft, Real-Time ID Check was rolled out by Uber in the US in 2016, India in 2017, the UK in 2020, and other markets.

System 🤖

Documents 📃

Operator: Uber/Uber Eats
Developer: Microsoft

Country: India; UK; USA

Sector: Transport/logistics

Purpose: Verify identity

Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Bias/discrimination - race, ethnicity; Employment - pay, jobs

Transparency: Governance; Black box; Complaints/appeals

Risks and harms 🛑

Real-time Check has suffered criticism for misidentifications which can result in loss of pay and jobs, discrimination, and abuse of privacy.

Transparency 🙈

In March 2021, a group of Uber drivers from the UK and Portugal won a lawsuit in Amsterdam against Uber and competitor Ola in which the two companies were forced to reveal more about how their driver surveillance systems work, in addition to how their systems assign work, deduct earnings, and suspend drivers.

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