Driverless Tesla Model 3 negotiates parking lot

Occurred: November 2019

A Tesla Model 3 was filmed driving on wrong side of the road, with no one behind the wheel, in a Richmond, British Colombia, shopping centre parking lot. 

The Tesla was understood to be 'summoned' via a mobile app by the owner up to 200 feet away. The autonomous operation of  vehicles is not permitted in British Colombia, according to ICBC. 

First introduced in 2019, Smart Summons has been on the receiving end of complaints by owners and pedestrians about near crashes, confused cars, and bumper damage

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had described Smart Summon as 'probably our most viral feature ever.'

Developer: Tesla

Country: Canada

Sector: Automotive

Purpose: Summon car

Technology: Driver assistance system
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Safety

Transparency: Black box