Automated HR system mysteriously fires software engineer

Occurred: June 2018

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A US-based software engineer was wrongly fired and locked out of his office by an automated, irreversible, algorithmic HR termination process.

In a lengthy blog post, Ibrahim Diallo described how he was progessively locked out of several computer systems operated by his employer, resulting in him being sacked and having to spend three weeks at home while his employer tried to work out what had happened.

It transpired that his manager, who had just been laid off during the acquisition of the company, had not transferred his name into a new HR system, triggering a series of automated events that led to him being escorted out of the office by security guards.

Diallo was not paid for the the three weeks he was forced to spend at home, and later resigned his job.


Country: USA
Sector: Business/professional services
Purpose: Automate HR processes
Technology: Human Resources Management System
Issue: Governance; Employment
Transparency: Governance