AI website claims Benjamin Netanyahu’s psychiatrist committed suicide

Occurred: November 2023

An AI-generated news website spread a false claim that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s alleged psychiatrist died by suicide.

The false article, which stated that psychiatrist 'Dr Moshe Yatom' had left behind a 'devastating suicide note that implicated' Netanyahu, seems to have originated early November 2023 on Pakistani news website Global Village Space, and quickly went viral across social media in multiple languages.

NewsGuard had earlier found that was one of 37 sites using AI to rewrite content without credit from mainstream news sources, including The New York Times

The incident occurred during the 2023 Israel-Hamas war, and demonstrated how generative AI tools are being weaponised to spread misinformation and disinformation with potential geo-political ramifications.

System 🤖

Operator: Global Village Space
Country: Israel
Sector: Politics
Purpose: Satirise/parody
Technology: Chatbot; NLP/text analysis; Neural network; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue: Mis/disinformation
Transparency: Governance; Marketing

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