Amnesty fake Colombia national strike images

Occurred: May 2023

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Amnesty's use of AI-generated images to promote the second anniversary of public protests against police brutality in Colombia rebounded against the rights group, which later withdrew them. The images, which depict scenes during 2021 street protests and were marked with the words 'Illustrations produced by artificial intelligence ', were meant to protect protestors from state retribution, Amnesty said.

However, photographers and human rights advocates and commentators complained that Amnesty's use of fake footage devalues to work of real photographers and makes the job of producing fake footage for nefarious purposes more likely. They also worry that it makes it more difficult to distinguish between real and fake. It also potentially undermines Amnesty's reputation for truth-telling.

Operator: Amnesty International
Developer: Midjourney
Country: Norway; Colombia
Sector: NGO/non-profit/social enterprise
Purpose: Raise awareness
Technology: Text-to-image; Neural network; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue:  Mis/disinformation; Ethics; Employment
Transparency: Governance