DeviantArt DreamUp art generator

Released: November 2022

DreamUp is an AI generator developed by online at community DeviantArt. Released in November 2022 and powered by Stable Diffusion, the system culls original artworks on its website so people can create 'most anything you can DreamUp!'

A backlash quickly ensued, with DeviantArt users complaing that art they had uploaded to the site could by default now be used by anyone. Users had to manually go through their creations and fill out a form that has to be manually reviewed in order to opt them out of DreamUp. 

DeviantArt later announced that all images hosted on its website will be 'automatically labeled as NOT authorized for use in AI datasets.' Per Ars Technica, this applies only to third-party AI scrapers and datasets, which will need to voluntarily honour the policy. Artists who wish to opt-out their work from being included in DeviantArt's own AI training for DreamUp will still need to fill out the form.

DeviantArt has a history of copyright infringement by organisations illegally using their work on products, and the system used for reporting infringements has been widely criticised for being too slow. 

Operator: Wix/DeviantArt
Developer: WixDeviantArt

Country: USA; Global

Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts

Purpose: Generate images

Technology: Text-to-image
Issue: Copyright; Ethics

Transparency: Governance; Privacy


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Type: System
Published: January 2023