DC Comics pulls AI-generated covers after backlash

Occurred: April 2024

DC Comics pulled three upcoming variant covers by artist Daxiong (Jingxiong Guo) following allegations that they were produced using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

The controversy began when people online accused Daxiong of using generative AI to create the covers. In response, DC stated that all artwork must be the artist’s original work and that they were investigating the situation.

Daxiong denied the allegations, stating that he has always drawn traditionally by hand. He also mentioned that an outside colouring studio coloured the work. However, he failed to provide the layered files of the colouring to prove it wasn’t AI-generated, which critics had asked for. 

The incident was seen to underscore the importance of transparency and authenticity in the comic book industry. 

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Operator: Jingxiong Guo; DC Comics  
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