Evolv backtracks on Evolv Express UK testing claims

Occurred: March 2024

Weapons detection company Evolv Technology backtracked on claims it made about its technology being tested by the UK Government’s National Protective Security Authority (NPSA). 

Evolv had previously stated in a press release that the NPSA was one of the testers who had concluded that the Evolv Express solution was highly effective at detecting firearms and many other types of weapons.

However, it was revealed that the NPSA does not conduct this type of testing. In response, Evolv updated the language used in the press release to better reflect the process taken. They clarified that an independent company had tested and validated Evolv’s technology using NPSA standards

But the UK company that conducted this testing, Metrix NDT, stated that it was not correct to say they ‘validated’ the system

The incident raised questions about Evolv's truthfulnness and transparency.

Developer: Evolv Technology
Country: UK
Sector: Education; 
Purpose: Detect weapons
Technology: Computer vision; Object recognition
Transparency: Governance; Marketing