Manifesto for real AI and algorithmic transparency and openness

Transparency is regularly cited as a core principle of ethical AI, responsible AI, and trustworthy AI. 

However, rhetoric and reality are often poles apart, with transparency approached in a partial, piecemeal, and reactive manner. 

AIAAIC's manifesto sets out why real AI and algorithmic transparency and openness is needed, and what it should look like.

The realities of AI and algorithmic transparency today

The transparency and openness of artificial intelligence, algorithms, and automation, and of the organisations that design, develop and deploy them, poses significant opportunities and benefits, as well as challenges and risks. 

For better or worse, AI, algorithms and automation are here to stay

The risks of AI, algorithmic and automation are increasing

Many AI, algorithmic and automation systems are opaque and unaccountable

AI, algorithmic and automation transparency efforts lack substance

Transparency and openness are two-edged swords

Principles of real AI and algorithmic transparency and openness

Having weighed the limitations and consequences of transparency with organisational, technical, individual, societal and other risks, every organisation designing, developing or deploying AI, algorithmic, or automation systems should adopt the following four principles: 





October 4, 2021