Google Autocomplete suggests Australian surgeon is 'bankrupt'

Occurred: December 2012

Australian surgeon Guy Hingston sued Google for defamation over an Autocomplete search prediction that said he was 'bankrupt' and which he reckoned cost him customers.

Hingston was not bankrupt at the time of filing his legal complaint, but he had been declared bankrupt in August 2009 thanks to CoastJet, an aviation company he had invested in, having gone bust. 

Even though Hingston's lawyers argued his bankruptcy had been annulled, the surgeon withdrew his action in June 2013 without explanation. 

Operator: Alphabet/Google
Developer: Alphabet/Google

Country: Australia

Sector: Health

Purpose: Predict search results

Technology: NLP/text analysis; Deep learning; Machine learning   
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Mis/disinformation; Privacy; Legal - defamation/libel

Transparency: Governance; Black box

Legal, regulatory 👩🏼‍⚖️