Softbank Pepper robot security vulnerabilities

Occurred: May 2018

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SoftBank's Pepper robot has significant security issues, notably unauthenticated administrative capabilities, according to a paper published by a group of researchers

Alberto Giaretta of Sweden's Örebro University and Michele De Donno and Nicola Dragoni of the Technical University of Denmark allege that SoftBank Robotics 'extensively neglected any sort of security assessments before commercializing their product'. 

The two went on to suggest that it would be 'a breeze to remotely turn [Pepper] into a 'cyber and physical weapon', exposing malicious behaviours'.

Pepper is most often used as a customer service robot.

Operator: Softbank Robotics
Developer: Softbank Robotics
Country: Japan
Sector: Technology
Purpose: Interact with humans
Technology: Robotics
Issue: Security; Safety; Dual/multi-use

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Type: Incident
Published: January 2022