Robot Mitra malfunctions at India entrepreneuship summit

Occurred: November 2017

The appearance of Invento Robotics' Mitro Robot to help inaugurate India's Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 failed to go to plan when it appeared to malfunction on stage.

India prime minister Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump were supposed to each press a button on the robot’s touch display to kick off the summit. 

Instead, both delegates pressed their buttons at the same time, resulting in Mitra saying Modi's name and then appearing to stall.

The two VIPs tried again a few minutes later by pressing the button separately, successfully activating the device. 

Operator: Invento Robotics
Developer: Invento Robotics

Country: India

Sector: Technology

Purpose: Multi-purpose

Technology: Computer vision; Facial recognition; Speech recognition; Robotics
Issue: Robustness