Xiao Pang robot goes haywire at technology fair


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A Chinese-made robot went on the rampage at a Shenzhen technology trade fair, smashing a glass window and injuring a man standing nearby. 

Developed by Beijing Science and Technology, the so-called Xiao Pang (or 'Little Chubby') robot wheeled itself into the glass pane of an exhibition stand, shattering it and wounding an observer, who was hospitalised.

The company apologised for the incident, which it put down to an assistant pushing the wrong button when he was trying to move the robot to one side. 

Marketed as an educational toy for children between the ages of four and 12, Xiao Pang can help parents look after their children. It is equipped with a webcam and can conduct two-way video calls. 

Operator: Beijing Science and Technology Co.
Developer: Beijing Science and Technology Co.

Country: China

Sector: Education

Purpose: Perform household chores

Technology:  Robotics
Issue: Safety


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Type: Incident
Published: March 2023