ChaosGPT chatbot

ChaosGPT is a so-called 'recursive' AI agent described by its creator(s) as a 'destructive, power-hungry, manipulative AI' that is 'designed to generate chaotic or unpredictable outputs.' 

Launched in April 2023, the agent is a fork of Auto-GPT, which is based on OpenAI's GPT-3 large language model and is able to create its own prompts and perform complex tasks. 

Operator: Twitter
Developer: Anonymous/pseudonymous
Country: USA; Global
Sector: Multiple
Purpose: Destroy humanity
Technology: Chatbot; NLP/text analysis; Neural network; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue: Ethics; Safety
Transparency: Governance; Black box

Risks and harms 🛑

ChaosGPT has been criticised for its ability to manipulate users, generate misinformation and disinformation, and offensive content.

Provided with five goals, including to 'destroy humanity' and 'cause chaos and destruction', the bot had a Twitter account through which it, or its creator, engaged with the public and tried to manipulate them. 

Amongst other things, it attempted to incite nuclear war by researching the most powerful atomic weapons.

ChaosGPT spurred commentators to express concerns about the ease with which large language models can be used for unsavoury and potentially highly dangerous purposes. Others felt it offered a glimpse of artificial general intelligence (AGI). 

Twitter suspended ChaosGPT's account for violating its community guidelines a few days after its appearance.

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Published: April 2023
Last updated: May 2024