Spain suspends Worldcoin over privacy concerns 

Occurred: March 2024

The activities of digital identity network Worldcoin were suspended in Spain for inadequate transparency and the collection of personal data of children.

Spain's AEPD data protection regulator suspended Worldcoin's data collection and processing for three months under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. 

The EAPD said it had received complaints against it's parent company Tools for Humanity for failing to provide people with sufficient information about the project, collecting data of minors, and the inability to people to withdraw their consent to process their data.

Spain's High Court later upheld the ruling, dismissing an appeal by Worldcoin's owners who asked for the ban to be lifted while it deliberated.

Operator: Tools for Humanity/Worldcoin
Developer: Tools for Humanity/Worldcoin
Country: Spain
Sector: Banking/financial services
Purpose: Develop digital identity
Technology: Iris scanning; Facial detection; Vital signs detection; Blockchain; Virtual currency
Issue: Privacy; Security
Transparency: Governance

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