Hangzhou Safari Park mandatory facial recognition registration

Occurred: November 2019

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A court in Hangzhou ruled that Hangzhou Safari Park must delete images collected by its facial recognition technology and pay 1,038 yuan in damages to a professor and his wife.

Zhejiang Sci-tech University Associate Law Professor Guo Bing had alleged that he and his wife did not consent to have their images collected by facial recognition when they entered the park, having already registered their identities on a fingerprint recognition system that had been replaced by a new facial recognition system.

The court ruled the use of facial recognition had 'exceeded the legally necessary requirements.' The first of its kind in China, the case attracted national and international media attention.


Operator: Hangzhou Safari Park
Country: China
Sector: Gov - police
Purpose: Verify identity
Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Appropriateness/need; Necessity/proportionality; Privacy
Transparency: Governance; Privacy